Damien Anto, Master Thief

Crime! Adventure! Revelry! Thrills! The wooing of young maidens!

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Ep. 4 - The Reluctant Cardinal

Tuesday Feb 26, 2019

Tuesday Feb 26, 2019

After fleeing the country, Damien finds himself perfectly positioned to plunder the reliquary of a godly (and gaudy) cathedral. That saintly Sganarelle protests in the name of God, and pleads with his master to confesses his sins rather than commit another. Soon, a chance encounter with a cardinal of some renown inspires Damien to take the high road - Straight to the most rare and magnificent treasures of the Catholic Church!

Tuesday Feb 19, 2019

After fleeing into the woods, constables hot on their trail, Damien and that sanctimonious Sganarelle stumble upon a humble woodcutter and his cottage. Sganarelle wants to befriend the old coot and lie low, but Damien's lust for treasure may yet draw the law toward their new hiding spot!

Ep. 2 - The Tournament of Thieves

Wednesday Feb 13, 2019

Wednesday Feb 13, 2019

That voluptuous vagabond, Jezebel LaBelle, steals a priceless prize from our hero in mid-caper. Enraged and determined to prove himself Master Thief, Damien drags his servant Sganarelle on a hunt across rooftops for the illustrious treasure "The Eye of Argon." But word has gotten out - pirates, magicians, and rogues from around Europe are drawn into the race for the ruby the size of your fist!

Ep. 1 - The Uncouth Gentleman

Wednesday Feb 06, 2019

Wednesday Feb 06, 2019

In this, the premiere of our story, Damien and his sarcastic valet Sganarelle attempt to steal treasure from a noble family when they are caught by the young miss of the household, Smeraldina. Damien woos the maiden, but he won't be able to get away from his new responsibilities so easily...

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